Portland's Housing Bond
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Recent News

Recent News

Affordable Homes Coming to Cully

A property in the Roseway-Cully neighborhood has been purchased to build at least 50 new permanently affordable homes. The 19,000-square foot site on NE Prescott Street is located in one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods, with communities of color and foreign-born households representing nearly one-third of residents.

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We are extremely happy that bond funds have secured a property here in Cully to build dozens of homes where residents will have the stability and security that comes from never needing to worry about predatory rent increases.
— Cameron Herrington, Anti-Displacement Program Coordinator, Living Cully

The rapidly gentrifying area in NE Portland is currently underserved by affordable housing resources. Almost no new City-regulated affordable housing has been added to the neighborhood since 2010. Portland City Council approved the purchase in July. Design work is expected to begin next Summer.

Martha Calhoon